Brass Switch Plates

Sunborn London - Brass Switch Plates

We have recently created these stunning brass switch plates for Sunborn London Yacht Hotel to be used in their lifts.

The process involves firstly cutting the brass to the correct size as per the customers specification. We then make sure that the material is in good condition and free from scratches and clean up the edges to make sure there are no sharp edges.

In the meanwhile, the designs have been produced and loaded into our CNC engraving software.

The brass plates are then placed into the engraving machine and the letters and designs are machined out.

Holes are then drilled for mounting and lightly counter sunk to allow for the screw caps to sit flush, allowing a smooth finished surface.

The edges are thin chamfered at a 45-degree angle to improve the aesthetics and make sure there’s no sharp edges.

Finally, to make the letters stand out, the previously machined letters are then filled generously with the customers chosen colours and allowed to dry.

Any excess paint is the carefully removed and the brass switch plates are then polished to a perfect finish.

If you are looking for something similar, visit our switch plates page here.

Brass Switch Plates for Sunborn Yacht Hotel London

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