Mesh Banners
Also known as perforated banners

Mesh Banners in Kent

Mesh banners are great for windy areas.

Mesh banners also known as perforated banners are usually made from vinyl or PVC. They have small holes that are almost invisible from a short distance.

Mesh banners are perfect for windy conditions as they have less physical surface area allowing wind to pass through the banner. They also weigh less than a normal PVC or Vinyl banner making them ideal for applications where a lighter weight is required.

Mesh banners are also allow a certain amount of light to pass through making them a well suited solution to applications where they will be covering windows etc.

Our professional team of designers and installers are able to take care of your banner requirements from concept to completion. We are fully insured and have a range of access equipment to ensure that your signage is installed safety and professionally.

Mesh banners Kent

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