Roller Banners
Also know as pull up banners

Roller Banners Kent

Roller banners are fast and convenient for use at exhibitions, they are also often used in receptions, showrooms and areas where you need to display your brand, deliver a message or promotion.

Roller banner, also know as pull up banners can be both single and double sided. Single sided roller banners are great for when they will only be seen from one side, double sided banners are great for if your banner is going to be seen from both sides.

We use high quality materials to ensure that you banners will not curl or wear out. We offer a range of bases to suit your requirements whether its a breezy environment or a busy area where they could be knocked.

We offer design, printing and manufacture so we can take care of your from start to finish.

pull up banners Kent

Our Banner Range

Pioneer Roller Banner

A roller banner with modern high-end finished look

The most economical mid-range roller banner on the market. Moulded polymers provide a glossy white finish and modern high-end finished look.

  • Available 800mm, 850mm and 1000mm widths
  • Lightweight and simple assembly
  • Glossy white base with anthracite end caps and adjustable feet
  • Three part bungee 15mm diameter aluminium pole
  • Includes a smart, ultra-durable, padded bag

Vantage Roller Banner

A high performance roller banner on a budget

A hard-working roller banner designed for the exhibitor who needs high performance on a budget

  • Available in 800 and 850mm widths.
  • A low-profile cassette is finished with magnetic chrome end caps
  • Adjustable feet underneath for stability on uneven floors
  • Premium carry bag.

Orient Roller Banner

A market leading roller banner

Front-loading graphic that pulls up from the front of the base ensuring your brand message has maximum visibility from floor to rail. Market leading roller banner.

  • Available in 800mm, 850mm, 1000, 1200, 1500 and 2000mm widths
  • Front-loading graphic which pulls up from the front of the base
  • Adjustable feet – ideal for levelling on uneven surfaces
  • High-specification carry bag with extra padding for durability and protection

Mantis Roller Banner

optimum stability when deployed in busy environments

A unique roller banner offering a top rail with choice. This popular entry-level banner has a weighted base for optimum stability when deployed in busy environments.

  • Available in 800mm, 850mm and 1000mm widths
  • Part of the basics budget range
  • self-adhesive top rail with end caps
  • Three-part bungee pole*
  • Twin, twist out feet with plastic moulded ends
  • Weighted base
  • Padded nylon bag

Grasshopper Roller Banner

Available in 800mm, 850mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, and 1500mm widths

Popular lightweight economy banner with self-adhesive rail. Comes in five widths up to 1.5 meters.

  • Self-adhesive top rail
  • Twin twist out feet for extra balance and stability
  • Anodised silver finish
  • Carry bag included

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