Sneeze & Cough Guards
Protecting your customers & staff

Sneeze & Cough Guards

Our Sneeze & Cough Guards are designed to help protect you and your staff from airborne particles such as viruses and other illness

While these precautions are never going to provide 100% protection from airborne infection from coughs and sneezes, they will at least provide some level of protection.

If you own or operate a shop, cafe or any other customer-facing operation, our perspex sneeze and cough guards are an absolute must. We can cut and manufacture our guards to virtually any size and shape. They can be mounted in many different ways, and our installers will be able to give you recommendations based on your requirements.

Our shields can be temporary and mobile or can be a more permanent structure based on what you need.

Additionally, we can engrave, print or use vinyl to display your message, whether it be a social distancing warning, or even a special offer or your company branding.

With social distancing becoming part of life, business owners will be looking to get creative with these new safety measures. Talk to our expert team for any assistance and to find out the options available.

Perspex sneeze and cough shield/guard

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